12 Rustic Coffee Table Designs Ideas

RUstic Coffee Table

Having a rustic coffee table is a good thing for your home interior design, but taking care of it can be a hard thing to do. Many people live rustic table for its distinctive look and appearance. This is not surprising because rustic tables are very attractive in its look. This type of coffee table is commonly made of wood. Because of this fact, you need to take a good care of the table since wood is not more durable than metal. The problem is that many people do not know how to maintain their rustic coffee table well. For that matter, here is some tips on how to maintain your rustic table. Take a look.

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Clean Up Your Rustic Coffee Table With Dry Fabric

The first thing that you have to do to maintain your rustic coffee table is cleaning them up frequently. It does not mean that you have to clean them up every single day but at least you keep them clean three times in one week. One important tip that you need to apply for cleaning this type of coffee house is the material you use for it. In this case, always use dry fabric to clean up every parts of your rustic table. Do not use wet fabric since the water will damage the wood structure of the rustic table. Water can also make the termit to damage the wood in the long term. Plus, you need to dry the table under the direct exposure of the sunlight. This is also not good for the color of the table. That is why, instead of using wet fabric, you need to use a dry fabric for cleaning this type of coffee table.

Apply Tablecloth On Top Of Your Rustic Coffee Table

The next simple thing that you can do to maintain your rustic coffee table is applying a tablecloth. It is true that letting your rustic naked will make the room look nice. However, when someone spills something in the surface of the table, you will not be able to protect the table well. If you apply the tablecloth, at least the tablecloth will protect the surface of the table directly from the liquid spillage. In this case, the tablecloth works for the early protection to your rustic table. In the end, that is some tips on how to maintain your rustic coffee table and hopefully you find article useful.