12 Decorative Kitchen Wall Tiles Ideas

Modern Kitchen Wall Tiles

Consider hiding old kitchen wall tiles if they are an unpleasant sight and blot on the landscape. A perfect way out to keep them behind the scenes is covering up your tiles. Swapping them with new ones and shredding the old tiles out will be expensive. Hiding any broken or chipped tiles can offer a new, contemporary look by concealing your obsolete tiles. Give a designer-know-how hint to your kitchen and disguise the aged tiles by picking an array of options.

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Prefabricated panels

Set up over a whole or fractional wall of kitchen tiles. You can buy them in various styles and materials. You can paint white beadboard panels in any color and they add delightful personality to your kitchen. Use nails or bonding agent to place them by cutting, measuring, and sticking them to the walls. Complete the top of a part beadboard wall with a crown molding trim addition. Give your kitchen a natural, earthy element with bamboo panels.

Framed artwork

Cover outdated kitchen wall tiles and add a fresh look over broken or obsolete tiles by hanging a huge piece of framed art. Cover bigger areas over the tiles by assembling a collection of framed black-and-white photographs. Hide kitchen tiles with other options using huge mirrors, massive canvas art, and wall tapestries. Hang weighty art pieces by twisting screws into the tile with a drill. Lightweight pictures would be ideal with peel-and-attach photo hangers.

Self-stick tiles

If you want, old or broken tiles can be covered with these. Vinyl is a hard-wearing material used to manufacture them so they are water, heat, and ultraviolet rays resistant. There is a range of patterns, colors, and styles available to choose from. Before installation, use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the outdated kitchen wall tiles and let them dry.  The paper backing should be removed from a self-stick tile so you can stick it over a broken tile. You might want to fit around electrical outlets or wall switches by cut the tiles using scissors. Repeat the process until you cover the desired area.

Paint the old tiles

It would be a cheap revise for old tiles adding a new color by painting your kitchen tiles. Before starting, clean the entire outdated tiles. Brush away grease with a degreaser cleaning solution. Wipe the tiles with the solution of warm water and dish detergent. Use rubbing alcohol to wipe over the tiles. Use a paintbrush to apply enamel paint to kitchen wall tiles in a thin coat and let them dry during the night.