15 Artsy & Decorative Outdoor Wall Art Ideas

Vintage Outdoor Wall Art

People usually just focus on the decoration inside the house. However, creating some pictures or other wall art ideas in the outside of the house can be very interesting. The paintings, mosaics, sculptures, or photos that placed outside play a similar role with the one that applied in the house. You can express your beliefs and your ideals of beauty. It can also be used as a tool to express something that cannot be expressed in words. The art can be something that made by yourself, from some artists that you like or something from unknown artists that just worthy of filling the empty space.

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Many people want to add some wall decors to personalize their space. Garden is a good place to start decorating your outdoor space. The wall art ideas for the garden are usually associated with nature. The wall that separates your house with your neighbor’s is not just a barrier to protect your privacy. You should use it as a blank canvas which should be painted with interesting pictures. It is the place where you can express your idea and put your imagination. Make sure you use a specific outdoor paint so your painting can withstand all kinds of weather. However, you can also try to decorate it with other weather resistant objects.

The sculptures are the most popular decoration for garden. They can be made in a variety of shapes and also very durable. However, for outdoor wall art ideas, you can also use some other interesting item from recycled materials. Hanging aluminum and iron pieces, image from tree branches, and mosaics from colorful old ceramic tiles are just some examples of the use of recycled items to form interesting artworks. They can also be placed on the plant’s pot, outdoor furniture, and a fountain. It can also create a beautiful background image behind the lined plants.

You have no limit to create your outdoor wall décor. From traditional to modern, the decoration will certainly beautify the appearance of the house. The symbols that are used to decorate outdoor walls are usually something related to the outdoor world like animals, plants, stars, sun, moon, etc. Some indoor appliances can also be used in outdoor wall art ideas. There are some people that use shelves to display items like glass bottles, pot plants, and tea light candles. This can be a good idea to decorate your outdoor house without spending too much.